Canberra “Green Solar Energy” Seminar

I have been asked to give a talk at the Canberra Green Energy Forum based out of the A.N.U. on November 3rd 2012 7-8pm. I aim to discuss solar power integration with modern building practices as described elsewhere on my blog. The implementation and uptake of Solar panels in the A.C.T. has been phenomenal however, my view is that the next generation ‘thin film’ P.V. panels and solar tiling systems will offer a more integrated and visually appealing way of using solar technology to reduce power bills and domestic “carbon footprints”.

Canberra home With Solar P.V. Tiling System Installed

Canberra home With Solar P.V. Tiling System Installed

The current trend is to use mono or poly crystalline panels mounted on aluminium frames which are then secured to the homes roof. Whilst this has proven reliable and works well (with over 360,000 solar P.V. installations completed in Australia since November 2010) the aesthetics, from a ‘designers’ point of view, leave a lot to be desired.

The ‘solar tile’ technology developed by 3M and the likes integrates solar P.V. into the actual roofing tile and the entire structure can incorporate solar, unlike conventional solar / roofing systems.

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