Sydney University Master Of Sustainability

Interesting to see that Sydney University has a post graduate course aimed at sustainability. I am interested in finding out more about this course as sustainability will become an increasingly relevant issue in Australia. It is pleasing to see tertiary institutions offering training in ‘next generation’ environmental and sustainability issues. This will translate to management in Australia’s major companies that consider how future generations will be impacted by the decisions made today.

Worthwhile Climate Change Article from Michael Mann

I have been closely following the work of Michael Mann, and think he has a very level headed view on Climate Change, its implications and the role that renewable energy, solar power, wind turbines and solar-roof and the likes can play in mitigating the effects of CO2 based electricity production.

Background:Michael Mann, director of the Earth System Science Center at Pennsylvania State
University, and a leading climate scientist thinks that we are on the edge of a major change
in public opinion because of the impacts of climate change that are occurring now.

Extract from the article below:
The impacts are [now] playing out in real time. It is not an abstract
prediction  about the future or about far off exotic creatures like polar bears. We
are talking about people potentially having to evacuate from places like
Tvulu or the Arctic’s Kivalina, another low lying island which is already
feeling the detrimental impacts of sea level rise.”

“It is going to take a little while to sink in,” says Mann “but there is
evidence of a dramatic shift in awareness and the public increasingly Michael Mann - Renewable Energy article
recognises climate change is real and if the public becomes convinced of
this, they will demand action and they are connecting the dots because we  are seeing climate change playing out in a very visible way.
“I think we are close to a potential tipping point in public consciousness
and what will tip it, you never quite know, but another summer like the
one we just witnessed we will see a dramatic shift in public pressure to
do something about this problem.”