Installation Of Electrical Wiring For Our Old Home

Our home in Rozelle (N.S.W.) was built over 105 years ago. We have slowly and carefully renovated the property and, much to my pleasure, have installed all the latest home technologies including:

  • ducted sound systems
  • integrated security systems
  • expanded power outlets
  • ducted air conditioners
  • energy efficient lighting
  • upgraded electrical switchboard
  • integrated home automation system (Clipsal)

Our electrician is Liam from Windon Electrical Services, who is competent and thorough and provides value for money and we use him for all our electrical work. He is based at Strathfield and services inner west Sydney, so is our ‘go to’ electrician. I had to call him in 2 weeks ago as i discovered, much to my dismay, that the electrical cabling running through out ceiling and through the double brick cavities in our home has around 60% to 90% of the electrical insulation either worn away of,believe it or not, eaten away – possibly by mice or (even worse) by rats. When this has happened is hard to say by it clearly posed an electrical hazard as there is a possibility that the wires could short and present a possible fire hazard.

House Rewiring Job!

I called in Liam to take a look and he recommended rewiring the home. The original wiring probably dated back to the 1930′s. The process of rewiring a home turned out to be very involved and included running new, approved wiring through the roof cavity, down the brick cavities to where the existing power points were located and replaced the worn out wiring that had been installed at a later date underneath the house. In some instances there was virtually no insulation left on the wires which is a scary thought!!!

Old Home Owners Beware!

The motto here is, that if you have an old style home, as most of us do in the inner west of Sydney, then get the wiring checked out. This could be the best ‘home safety’ move you could make as old wiring – big safety issue for your family and home!

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