Solar Powered Subfloor Ventillation – Technology and Design In Action

It is nice to see the convergence of technology, design and good old Aussie know how. I live in a 102 year old house that has, like many older residencies in Australia a predisposition for damp in the winter months. The damp comes up from the ground under my house – it was built in a time when houses were not built on concrete slabs. Therefore damp ground underneath the home makes it way into the house via migration up the wall, through rising damp air and good old condensation which means damp walls and inevitable mould and a generally unhealthy environment.

Solar and D.C. Fans To The Rescue and a Skilled Handyman

Ok, so we have a problem –  a damp sub floor. So how do we fix this? I have seen small muffin fanmuffin style d.c. fans used under houses to blow and circulate air around. I decided to go down this track and purchased 12 Sunon 12 volt d.c. fans and wanted them installed onto the floor bearers under each and every room in the house. I called my local inner west handyman Martin to come round and assist with the installation. He used 10 mm rubber grommets between the fan chasis and the timber floor bearers to minimise vibration and noise when the fans were running. Next, i got Martin to install a 120 watt Kyocera solar panel onto our back shed’s roof in a northerly aspect to maximise power from the solar panel. The solar panel was then wired, via pvc conduit, into the 12 volt d.c. fans and hey presto – a subfloor fan ventilation system that requires NO a.c. power to drive the fans. We now have a damp free house – Q.E.D.