John’s Solar Power Adelaide Update October 2012

-Update 8 October 2012 . John kindly sent through an update . A couple of people asked about our solar installation and Terry in Norwood, Adelaide asked about the S.A. solar feed tariff – John from his solar panels Adelaide website  sent us through this update yesterday;

There is growing speculation that  the S.A Government will follow Victoria and Queensland in ‘culling’ the F.I.T. – Quite amazing – for a Federal Government, supposedly intent on boosting ‘green – energy’ and renewable energy sources they have in fact actually done the opposite. I spoke with Brian Taylor for Adelaide Solar Supply Pty Ltd – he says he has not seen the industry quieter in over 5 years and a cut to the tariff ill kill the solar industry in Adelaide.

Anyway, the advice is, is you are looking at a solar power installation in S.A. dont leave it too long as it may not be quite as attractive if the F.I.T. is killed off. The popular solar systems sizes being installed in Adelaide are:

  • 1.5KW
  • 2KW
  • 3KW
  • 4KW
  • 5KW

For commercial solar installations, companies have been looking at massive 100KW systems – these are beneficial for businesses using substantial power – up to $4000 per month in electricity bills.

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