Looking for a Design Consultancy Graduate Course ?

I have been in design and design consultation for over 20 years. I am very happy to recommend the University of Sydney Urban design course. It is a very in depth course covering topics as diverse as conservation, energy conservation,hydraulics, energy management , solar power implementation, photographic design techniques, computer modelling and can lead to excellent post graduate work. Details at http://sydney.edu.au/courses/Graduate-Certificate-in-Urban-Design

I would definitely not recommend distance learning, always make sure you learn from from an accredited university or college. That way, you know you are getting a quality program for your money as they have to be able to meet the standards set out by the Australian government.

My dear daughter Danielle wrote this about her study experience. “My name is Danielle and I am an aspiring professional Interior  Designer. I am currently a full-time student in a university studying  business management and also a part-time student in a college studying  architectural interior engineering. I am also a student of Sydney  School Of Interior Design! (I do 70+ hours a week of school!)  Anyways, I want to, and will, run my own interior design company  someday called Lilac Dream-Interiors. (Lilac is a universal color for  change.) My passion is interiors, and I love Architectural Digest and
Western  Interiors magazine, they are awesome. I also love writing, museums,  antiquing, and cultural events and exhibits. Above all else i think Sydney university is a GREAT place to learn design!”