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Hi – Thanks for dropping by. I am James Bryant I work in green technology and design and thus have developed an affliction with modern, sustainable home design (both interior and exterior), innovation, new ways of living and enjoying life in Australia.

I am best known for my design of sofas but have been involved with Industrial design , green technology and human sciences for over 30 years. I live in Glebe, Sydney and am currently available for freelance design work.  I hope you enjoy browsing my blog.

Return From My India Trip

I really very happy to say i have just returned from India and loved the country and culture and i would love to talk about it. I think the design and textures of that country are magnificent and can lend themselves well to Australian lifestyle. Usually, the middle class people don’t spend much money on decorating their homes. Indian Home Interior DesignThey will decorate with what they have and get as presents like statues(Lord Ganesh statue is very popular), wall decorations,etc. Almost every house has a showcase in the living room with many little dolls, artificial flowers,etc.They don’t spend much money on furnitures, curtains or other decorations. And about painting, they like light colours on the walls, usually plain without any designs.(the walls of the temples will be very colorful and decorative and some old, royal houses will be like that) They don’t use wallpapers at homes. Most of the people just whitewash their house once a year. Or they will paint the house when there is some function like wedding.(Our house are built with bricks only not with wood). And those who can and like to spend money, they decorate either in the traditional style or western style. I love the traditional style with terracotta tiles, cane furnitures and brass pots and plants and terracotta figures. If you let me talk about those things, i will keep talking forever and you , dear reader will get bored.

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On Design and Decoration:

Many young people ask me about how to get into the industry. What matters most to me on this subject is whether you are looking to become an Interior Decorator or Interior Designer; huge difference.If you are wanting to be a decorator, then whether you choose a physical school or distance ed shouldn’t matter as long as they are an accredited school. What you would be doing boils down to color, texture, and look of an area. (Not knocking any decorators out there; just trying to give a very brief explanation!).If you want to be a designer, you’ll need a 4 year degree by an accredited school. The extra courses (besides basics) are for drafting knowledge as well as being able to know about ergonomics, plumbing and electrical standards, building codes, etc. You’ll also know about architecture (whether that wall you want to knock out is a load bearing wall or not, etc.). What you would do combines architecture with all the great things decorators do.


New Design Project scheduled for June 2012 – Our New House!

I am excited to report that Jan and i have a new home! We move in, in late June this year. One thing we learned the HARD way, is what to do and what NOT to do when selling your home:

We learned somethings the hard way. Never spruse up too much as people looking for a house to live in will come in and re-do your ideas of decore all over anyway. And I have been turned off when out looking for a house to buy. I do not want the owner to go to extreams and try to cover flaws..and I ask questions on the sly as to why they are selling and what over the years caused problems,etc. Then I also check with the neigbors or some of their friends and family…I do not buy sight-seens as is…heaven forbid. And when I sell our home I am up front wiht them…this was fixed back give a date and year or month. We tried to keep the drains working and when they glogged up we made sure to auger them, or these pipes are mostly all new, some are the older style. Whatever the thing is they are asking about. Electric outlets, and so forth needs to be well addressed. Now make sure you have written what you intend to take and intend to leave. For instance..if you bought a copper ornament and it is attached to the wall that you got in another country…beware..this may be one item that catches the buyers eye to want to buy your property.. We had to leave all my bolted down art work, and some light fixtures, because we had no idea, that is the reason the house sold. However I got smart..on another property…before we showed the house on market…take down everything you intend to take with you, and put something else in that place. Lights fixtures, we make sure now that all is plug ins..ceiling and etc..or a light we care less about if we move. BUT heirlooms..need to be taken down. We even had to replace some brick in a stone wall-as these were my grandfathers and father, when they worked at the brick yard, and made only a few special for bicentanials. Outside is the same..if you have a patio with build in benches that are keepsake..then get them out befor you show the property. Mirrors on walls, furniture and etc, all has to be written keep-or don’t keep. Not always will the appliance go with the house. You also may not wish to sell the air-concitioning unit you installed a year ago. THINK-before YOU put property up for sale. AND never refinish wood floors, or lay carpet…these people will change it anyway…

To do list…clean the house and don’t fret if there is a newspaper or a book left on the sofa, this is home…make it look like you enjoy living here. Bake, or go out and buy some fruits and etc to sit in pretty dishes,…platters of mixed cookies..and have the coffee pot brewing, or a loaf of home baked bread or buns in the oven. Sit on the back burner some vanilla-on very warm heat..the aroma is what always catches my nose, when I walk inside a house to buy.. mabe a candle sitting in a safe place..and Please no animal trails or odors from uncleaned cages or litter box. If necessary have the animals well groomed..and make them behave…barking dogs or cats that rub legs freely is a NO! no when showing your house. And do let the owner know, that you will be snooping in every nook and cranny. This is inside a closet-far corner..checking for cracks that have been previous done over..and foundation..and insulation,,check basement for tattle tail leaking..and etc. If necessary go to the roof and look at the sheeting there, the tiles, and whatever has been used, and how soon will this need repaired. We have found beautiful homes on market, and the roof didn’t sell us, or the fact the heating and insulatuion was not up-dated. Patios, how much sand is around the house to cause ants-to flow in. Water, taste it. Never leave one stone unturned.